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Database synchronization software converts MySQL database tables and selected data into... Details

Microsoft Access to MySQL database converter tool converts MS Access database records... Details

A self-contained database application development environment. The application is... Details

MSSQL to MySQL database Converter utility capable of converting selected MS SQL... Details

MSSQL to MS Access Database converter converts database records of MSSQL into MS Access... Details

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1. Convert MYSQL to MS SQL Database Database synchronization software converts MySQL database tables and selected data into MSSQL. Database migration application enables you ... the resultant MS SQL database as a new file at specified area. Automatic database converter utility helps... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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2. Microsoft Access Database Converter Microsoft Access to MySQL database converter tool converts MS Access database records into MySQL database server within few minutes ... manner. Automatic MS Access database converter software overwrites the converted MS Access database in to... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: ms access database , supports unicode architecture , mysql server database , mysql database server , mysql database conversion , migration application migrate , maintains database integrity , database synchronization software , database migration application , database converter utility

3. All Purpose Database (APDB) 1.0 A self-contained database application development environment. The ... is defined within the database and operates upon the same database. It generates a web ... DetailsDownload 

4. MS SQL Server to MySQL Database Converte 5.0.1 MSSQL to MySQL database Converter utility capable of converting selected MS SQL database table, rows or entire MSSQL database records into MYSQL db format. Databases migration software supports all data types like default ... existing file or... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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5. Professional database conversion utility 5.0.1 MSSQL to MS Access Database converter converts database records of MSSQL into MS Access database format. Database conversion software support all major MSSQL and MS Access database data type and attributes. Convert database converts entire... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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1. Convert MySQL DB To MSSQL ... facilitates to migrate MySQL database to MSSQL server format ... structure of tables in database. RDMS database transformation software transform MySQL ... into Microsoft SQL server database file without affecting original schema of the... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: mysql data base , value null value , value attributes data , supports all database , null value attributes , entities default value , default value null , database entities default , attributes data types , all database entities , mysql database

2. MySQL to MS SQL Converter ... DB converter application converts database file of MySQL format ... null, protected values of database file. Program exports database table, structures and data of large database file and converts all data types into other ... Application... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: database file , new database , my sql , mssql database , ms sql , database integrity , database files , data types , converts all , database , data

3. BaseNow 1.0.0 ... a user interface for all your databases. It looks like Microsoft Access and it allows you to work with ... tree-style display of all database objects and enables you ... management. It works with all database formats and includes... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: user interface , sql server , just like , database formats , all database , data , all , database , sql , basenow , access

4. HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers 3.0.003 ... remote access, memory-only database, compressed database, and url database(http, ftp). It is ... table definition. It supports all transactions level of READ ... SERIALIZABLE. It supports concurrent database connections, and is thread ...... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: remote access mode , database compressed database , remote access , supports all , database compressed , compressed database , access mode , supports , database , join , subquery

5. EazyCode 3.5 ... Forms applications. * Experience all these features without leaving ... GUI code that do all persistence and retrieval. * ... use and easily-extendable database-driven applications. * Generates ... Generates stored procedures for all database... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: front end gui , end gui code , generated front end , all database operations , gui code , front end , end gui , net framework , generated front , database operations , all database

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1. MySQL to MS Excel Database Converter ... MySQL to MS Excel Database Converter software that is ... software with support of all database features at the time new database creation in any format ... and accurately migrating large database you can freely use MySQL to MS Excel Database... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: mysql , excel , value , null , rows , primary , database , change , software , transfer , merge , migrate , unique , table , utility , gui , tool , convert , support , windows , attributes , record , integrity , query , data , schema , type , column

2. ApexSQL Clean 2014.03 ... Clean analyzes SQL Server database objects, dependencies within the database, across databases, scripts and even applications. It recognizes all database dependencies, even those not ... table column level, specify database processing... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Sql Tools , Sql Tool , database software , sql server , unreferenced objects , unused objects , Dependencies , Database Tools , visual diagram , dependency viewer , risk free delete sql objects

3. Test data generator TDG 1.2c 1.0 For all database developers, who would like ... with ODBC-capable SQL databases. You select a table of your target database and TDG reads the ... test data into various databases. You can run as ... test data into the database in just one simple ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: testdata , test data , data , data generator , testdata generator , Test Data Generator , data generation , sql data , data viewer , random data , performance test , mass data , mass-data , software test , Data Quality

4. Database Master 4.0 Using Database Master, you can execute ... create, edit and delete all database objects such as tables ... ER(Entity Relationship) diagram. Database Master provides powerful and ... or scripts against any database system. The query editor ... DetailsDownload 

5. Office 365 Backup 1.0 ... and take backup for all Office 365 emails. This is free utility for all Windows users who want ... is free utility for all users who want to migrate, transfer and export all database from Office 365 to ... is free utility for all users who... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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1. MSSQL DB to MySQL Migrator Database migration utility converts complete or few database records or tables created in MSSQL to MySQL database records. Database converter software supports all major versions of MSSQL server and migrate all supported Microsoft SQL data ...... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: database migration utility , database migration tool , database conversion tool , all major versions , database migration , migration utility , database conversion , supports all , migration tool , major versions , default value

2. MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Prog 5.0.1 MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter convert MySQL database record in to MS SQL records. Software convert all database tablesOCO data or transfer records in to MSSQL database and supports all major versions of MySQL and MSSQL databases. Database... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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3. MSSQL to MySQL Conversion Software Ex MSSQL to MySQL database converter software transfers all database attributes and records of Microsoft SQL to MySQL. Database converter software converts database into new destination database without any changes in records. Database migration... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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4. Access Database To MySQL Converter MS Access database to MySQL transformation tool ... MDB files from Access database to MySQL db server with all database properties including rows, column ... and keys constraints. Access database to MySQL converter software ... facility to... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: ms access database , tool supports all , primary key constraints , mysql database server , mysql converter software , migration tool supports , access database , ms access , supports all , tool supports , provides facility

5. MSSQL To MySQL Data Base Conversion ... MSSQL format into MySQL database is very efficient and ... application that quickly synchronize all database properties and convert them ... and keys into new database or overwrite the content of existing MySQL database. Database conversion... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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